Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to use Minoxidil 5%?

Useing of Minoxidil  5% is very simple. It is a pure liquid and you just need to apply it to the scalp, in positions where you lose your hair. You need to do this twice a day. Just rub it and that's all. Dont worry There is no smell your hair when dry.

How to use Minoxidil 5% in the morning

Fill the applicator to the line "1 mL"Apply Minoxidil 5% directly to the scalp, not on the hair. To be successful in that try to follow list below :

- Divide your hair into several strands, approximate 1 cm each, in an area that needs to be treated.

-Remove hair from the part where you apply Minoxidil 5% making it evenly along the head.

-Top minoxidil in your scalp with your fingertips rub, but this is not necessary.  

- After use, wash your hands with soap and water.

- Leave your minoxidil to soak approximately (10 to 15 minutes) before placing any other styling product on your head. It is important to leave enough time that preparation can react.

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